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Make Online Payments and Pay Online - PayPal Korea



Make a Payment

If you need to pay for an item or service, you can send payment directly to the seller using just their email address.

When you pay with PayPal, we’ll send the payment to the seller without sharing your financial information.

Your seller will be notified once you've made the payment.


Pay anyone, anywhere.

Simply with an email.

Making a payment is free

Making a payment is free

You can use PayPal for buying overseas*. Plus you can still earn reward points on your credit card.

*Additional fees apply for overseas transaction and currency conversion.


We protect your eligible purchases

If an eligible item doesn’t arrive, or is significantly different from how it was described, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Our Buyer Protection policy will help resolve any issues involving eligible purchases.

We protect your purchases

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Accepted Worldwide

Shop anytime, anywhere from millions of online stores that accept PayPal.

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